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e. j. rowdon is the author of Bijou and the Trapdoor in the Floor. She created this tall tale of the Wood whilst she slumbered. As she dreamed, all the curious characters & creatures from her waking life leapt through the trapdoor in the floor & into her dream world. If you are reading this, you too are dreaming.

In her waking life, the author & archaeologist also studies Egyptology full-time at the University of Manchester U.K. She is a fervent squirrel feeder, a keen student of the world (mostly Hieroglyphs at the moment,) & lives in Eastport, Maryland with Phoenix, River & her patient boyfriend, Evan. . .God love him, dahling.


I'm currently writing multiple works and settling into our newly purchased home. Stay tuned.

bijou and the trapdoor in the floor

Bijou and the Trapdoor in the Floor


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